Progress on Pre-op Diet

May 5th and 6th did not stay on track.

7th and 8th had what is listed below.

9th had a protein bar and then 3 slices of pizza and 8 oz of soda.

(Obviously not on the diet)  Still lost a pound.

10th and 11th stayed on track.

Will post as the last week goes on.


May 8, 2017 is my 4th day on the Pre-op diet.  I have had;

Think Thin Peanut Butter Bar 230 cal. 20g Protein

Premier Protein Vanilla          160   cal.  30g Protein

Carnation No Sugar Added       60 cal.    5g Protein

New Direction Chocolate       200 cal.     27g Protein

Total                    650 cal.      82g Protein

Per the WLS Center we are to have a minimum of 70g of protein a day.

I also drink lots of water too. I don’t eat any other foods. They have listed tea, gator aid, juice and broth. I choose not to eat of these for 2 reasons. One to lose more weight on the pre-op. The truth is I know I will have to eat these after surgery. I figured best way to not get tired of them now was to avoid them.




Weight for Pre-op Diet


Day 1    307lbs      5/5/2017

Day 7                      5/11/2017

Day 13                     5/18/2017  DAY OF SURGERY!!!!!

As you can tell I had gained 6lbs from the end of my supervised diet till my pro-op diet.


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