Six Month Supervised Diet

My 6 month supervised diet.

Dr. Weight                                             Real Weight

October 2016                                317                                                            312

November 2016                            310                                                            307.5

December 2016                            308                                                            305.5

January 2017                                  307                                                           306

February 2017                               301.6                                                         301.6

March 2017                                    301                                                            301


After reading others experience I took their advice. I wore weights to my 1st thru 3rd weigh-in.  This gives one the cushion in case they gain weight. I had the round tube like weights. I put them in my bra.

Even though my diet ended in March, I did not get all my testing done until April. My paperwork was submitted on April 27th 2017. The original check list I was given ask for PCP notes showing weight the last two years. However the insurance company came back and asked for weight showing from 2013 to present. That was submitted May 3rd 2017, I was approved May 5th 2017.

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