Becoming Lina ” Journey Begins”

This is my journey of weight loss.

I am 47 and weigh 307 lbs at only 5 foot 4’. My heaviest weight was 350 lbs, which was on May 31st 2014. That was the day the surgeon cut my GIST Cancer from my stomach. Just having that piece of my stomach removed I was able to get down to 317 lbs.

I was not an overweight child or young teen. When my father committed suicide I was 15 years old. That is when I began to eat. I guess I ate because it was the only thing as a child I could control. In high school I was 140. Compared to the other girls I was “thick”. In my early 20’s I had 2 kids and the weight just kept on coming. By the time I had my 3 kid at 29 I was over 200 lbs. Then over the years it has just a cycle of eating too much. Being too fat to really exercise so I got fatter and fatter.

I don’t blame anyone but myself. I ate, I gained. It was a control thing. I controlled that I made myself unattractive. My way of not getting hurt by a man again, because let’s face it. In my 15 year old mind set, if my dad left me they all will.

Currently on the liquid pre-op diet. I am having my gastric sleeve surgery on May 18th 2017. I was totally not prepared for this part. I had started the 6 month supervised diet in October 2016. Had all my lung and heart test done, got cleared on the psych evaluation. The lady at the weight loss center said it was a 2 week turn around for approval. Well this was not the case. Seriously, within a few days I was approved. On Friday May 5th I got the call, I was approved. I was told to start the liquid high protein diet till the day before surgery.  Since I thought it would be a few weeks at least, I had nothing. When she called it was already noon and I had ate. My thinking then was well hell, just eat and start Saturday.

I had to go to the WLS center to purchase some protein packets. Just 2 boxes total of 14 pouches was about 59.00. They had said to use it for the 2 weeks the product would have been about 250.00. There was no way I was paying that.

Saturday came and I was ready, or so I thought. I headed to the art studio with the pouches and began my day. I have never drank protein shakes or anything like it. I won’t lie I was worried it was going to taste bad. The product is New Direction, I got the chocolate shake box and chocolate pudding. At noon I made myself the chocolate pudding in the shaker cup. It was not as bad what I had expected.

I went home about 3pm decided that I needed to go to the store. Only that never happened. In the end I at tacos and ice cream. Which is totally not what I was to do. After doing research online I decided what to purchase. I went to the store on Sunday; today and got it all.  I have had about 700 calories and 70 grams of protein. I am on track and ready to get this done.